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Donkey Kong DK-52 Future Tronics and Issues 23 Jun 2019 06:22 #9221

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Does anyone know if a DK-52 branded in top right corner as 'Future Tronics' is any rarer or more collectible than ones branded CGL? I've not seen them of these before and have been offered one so any advice would be much appreciated.

Also - is there a way of telling the issue or version number of a DK-52?


Donkey Kong DK-52 Future Tronics and Issues 23 Jun 2019 07:33 #9222

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The games branded with the Futuretronics logo have been released in Australia. There are collectors looking for them and there are not too many FT games around.

A loose game might be worth a bit more, a boxed game where the box has the FT logo as well even more I guess.

But it always depends on demand and what the market has to offer ...
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