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Bomb Sweeper missing part/pricing 25 Jul 2018 02:35 #9122

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Hey everyone,

A Bomb Sweeper unit just showed up on my local buy and sell page, tentatively priced at 40$ CAD although OP states they have no idea of the value and would be willing to discuss the price. It's not in the best condition and is missing the front faceplate/label? (not the one around the screen, the one on the outside). A little bit of research hasn't led me anywhere in the way of either replacement parts or pricing, so I was wondering if anyone has some knowledge in this department.

I'm not interested in resale value or collecting, but assuming the unit works I'd like to have one around to play. I obviously want to get a good deal, but I also don't want to totally rip someone off.

Bomb Sweeper missing part/pricing 29 Jul 2018 08:30 #9124

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40$ CAD seems to be OK (it's rather cheap I think) but it's hard to tell without seeing good pictures. At the end it also depends on what you think about it and how much it is worth to you. Most important: The game must work properly! ;)
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