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Donkey Kong (DK-52) and maximum points issue 16 Apr 2016 03:03 #7286

  • cafdagnone
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Hi everyone!

After a hard battle, I managed to go beyond 999 points in "game B" in Donkey Kong (Multiscreen DK-52). However, before another play, the score shown me only 998 points when I held the button pressed to check my record. So I went to the manual and there I found an explicit message saying the maximum points recorded would be 998, even if you pass this value.

Is there any technical or curious explanation for this? Is there any other G&W model that behaves such a way?


Donkey Kong (DK-52) and maximum points issue 15 Mai 2016 22:06 #7314

  • gameandwatch
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some begin again at 0 if you pass 999 ;) such as DK Jr. if I remember right, the first time I was also very surprised, those Games had often limit on the counter digits, and were anyway hard enough to get 999 points ;)

Donkey Kong (DK-52) and maximum points issue 16 Mai 2016 19:35 #7316

  • Ash888
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I think they should have added a little victory tune/animation sequence to each game that is only triggered when you clock the game. That would have motivated a lot more kids to play all the way through.
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