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THEMA: G.Preziosi logo on oldies G&W

G.Preziosi logo on oldies G&W 19 Jan 2016 17:20 #7184

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Hi, I'm new in this forum. I wanted to inquire about the current logo of the Giochi Preziosi, which replaces the previous logo, entered into force in 1978. So ... I saw it in your interview in English to the owner of the Game & Watch, on the link www.gameandwatch.ch/en/faq-questions-ans...giochi-preziosi.html , and I looked about, the sticker with the current logo of the Giochi Preziosi, who is in this picture at www.gameandwatch.ch/images/faq/italien-o...gp-logo-03-gross.jpg to the box of the Game & Watch about Donkey Kong Jr. in 1982. And that's not all: another image that is on www.gameandwatch.ch/images/faq/italien-o...p/gp-bx301-gross.jpg , the sticker of the current logo is present in another box of game & Watch, dedicated to the game "Boxing/Punch-Out", who eventually came out in 1984. Now says: what does all this? So, I think you want to know what I'm talking about: that is the existence of the logo, before being known publicly since 1988. I went to see on the Web, but everywhere without results, some information, according to some, the logo was released at the end of 1987, but by going to another page, the logo was released in 1986 and released in March 1987. Which I don't know if it's the logo previous or current. But going to check these screenshots, I would think that that logo very current, the real doll GiochiPreziosi complete with sticker, it was already present before 1988, that is, according to my theory, it could be either 1986 or early 1987, which it could lead to the previous year, that is a year of creating this logo, either before publish in 1988. I want to know this from you, if my theory is right: it will be the 1986-1987 or unfortunately I have to really accept the reality, which is unfortunately of 1987-1988? Sorry if it's an off-topic, if I ask so much, but having seen those bumper stickers on boxes of Game & Watch, I presage it were at that time, as the Game & Watch exist in the US since 1981 and in Italy since 1983, although they were of Game & Watch in Italian, before they came directly from the Nintendo versions from 1985-1986, so I thought it this was at the time, but if not, I will have to put his soul in peace. So, I look forward to your response. Thank you very much, and it is the first time I write in this forum, and sorry if I abused in this off-topic to subject. Thanks!
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