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Repairing old G&W Parachute 11 Sep 2015 11:01 #7055

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Hi everybody

I'm new to the forum, but I thought I would share something I did last couple of days.
I had an old Parachute that would not start. It was covered in something dark goo. Maybe Coca Cola had been spilt all over it, even the pcb was covered in it. I cleaned everything but could not get behind the LCD screen. I read today that it can be removed but did not now that earlier this week. Decided to lower it in Absolute Vodka 40% :shock:

The back with speaker was hanging outside not to get wet.
Day after alle residue was gone. Dried it out completly. Left it for a day. Screwed it back together, put som batteries in and voila it was working again.
Noticed that when I put in the batteries the clock minutes was counting upwards. Tried to play a game and could not move to the left. It seemed that there was something dark on the pcb that was really really hard to get out at the right button. Causing it to press right all the time. After a long time cleaning it up and I could see the brown on the pcb between the button lines I tried the game again. Now it worked flawlessly.

Ready for 34 more years...

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Repairing old G&W Parachute 11 Sep 2015 18:12 #7056

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Hi and welcome here :)

that's a funny story, but also dangerous… for the game (e.g. screen and other electronic parts) but also if something inflame the alcohol… anyway you had a happy end :)

my suggestion is much easier and also less dangerous:
use this spray, it is specially made for this kind of repair and maintenance www.ebay.ch/itm/KONTAKT-CHEMIE-KONTAKT-W...?hash=item3cf331eb6a

you can spray that also on cotton swabs in order to reach the parts under the screen
it's also much faster than one day cleaning and one day driying ;) just an advice :)

cheers and hope to see once your full collection
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