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Game & Watch Multi Screen. Score Board problem 27 Dez 2014 16:28 #6725

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Hi all.

I'm Maarten Koster. And I come from Drenthe Holland. I have 4 years ago Pinball for the Game & Watch Multi Screen collected. :) And I was back then not really convenient to be careful. That has to do that I was not so good in my skin. And this year I have been refurbished in processing . But then I found out that there was a problem with my game Pinball for Game & Watch Multiscreen. ](*,) The problem is . Is there some moving black plates are gone. The largest is at the front . When the score board and the flying ball. For the bottom marked there is nothing. See an picture.

for the rest nothing wrong degree to the clock. Fortunately. Can I finalizes breaks at work time too. But the Score Board should be fixed it but how. :(

Game & Watch Multi Screen. Score Board problem 28 Dez 2014 01:27 #6726

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Sounds like you need to clean the contacts for the display in the unit.

I suggest waiting to get some more replies, but for my Popeye Panorama, I took off the ribbon cable going to the motherboard, took off the ribbon cable then cleaned the contacts on the board with contact cleaner on a qtip, then dried it with a dry qtip. Reassembled the ribbon cable and board into place and the characters that would have trouble displaying were fixed.

Also, huge note:
Do not overtighten the screws or you will strip them. When the screw gives resistance when tightening, stop, it should be tight enough.
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