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Mini classics 12 Jul 2014 14:29 #6256

  • trav123456
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There is a guy in Poland selling Game and Watch mini classics dated 2014.

Are these genuine? I didn't know they were still making them.

Mini classic eBay auction

Mini classics 18 Jul 2014 19:44 #6261

  • Anders_dk
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I brought the DKJ some days ago, and got it today. It is genuine product otherwise i would never have bought it :)

Mini classics 06 Dez 2014 01:01 #6668

  • Lems
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Mini Classics are rereleases of Game & Watch titles as well as a few originals.
Nintendo issued multiple companies to remake G&W titles.

These are legit, but the quality of them vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Example: I had a grey Super Mario which worked great.
I later got a blue one from a different company. There was now a pause and mute function, which is nice, but there's a glitch with the spinning platforms (rotating "fireballs") where if it moves from under your feet, you're floating in the air instead of dropping down like in the original G&W title.
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