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new to forum 12 Feb 2014 00:28 #6020

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I'm from Australia and just recently had an interest revival in G&W. I had 6 different ones as a kid - Donkey Kong, Mario Bros, Zelda, Life Boat, Gold Cliff and Oil Panic. In that order I think, we generally only had 1 at a time and would swap it for another. Ended up with Gold Cliff and Oil Panic but they were lost while moving houses. So now I'm trying to collect them all again and also some of the best ones that I missed out on.

So what would be peoples recommendations for best G&Ws to get? Based on some research Octopus, Climber, Donkey Kong Junior, Mario's Cement Factory and Mario's Bomb's Away seem to be highly rated. Also which are the best Panorama ones? They interest me greatly due to the colour display. And which Donkey Kong Junior is better the single screen or panorama?

I recently bought a complete copy of Zelda on eBay. Can you tell me if I got a good deal, or at least an average deal? www.ebay.com.au/itm/261387749908?ssPageN...id=p3984.m1439.l2649
I looked at the price guide but can't work out if mine falls in the category of Boxed or Complete, mint because it's neither of those two. It's complete but not mint. According to this site www.rarityguide.com/gnw_view.php it was about $7 above average (converted US$ to AUS$) that's including postage. Also is the box and inserts genuine or a copy?

new to forum 12 Feb 2014 05:30 #6021

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The price is ok if the game is mint.

That means the plastic film on the Faceplate means no scratches on the actual plate and there are no scratches on the plastic body at the back and on the inside. The LCD screens should show a strong dark display with no LCD bleeding or burnt water mark on the LCD display. If the game is as described, you can describe your current acquisition as a

Mint game in box i.e. MIB Zelda with a mint game and a very good condition box (as long as it has all side flaps, even with the tear, the box is around 7 out of 10. It would be worth a bit more if it is complete in box as its original batteries, caution sheet, red dot stickers and multiscreen bag is present as well.

The package does not seem to be a reproduction because the foam is not coarsely made i.e. take special look at the foam area reserved for putting batteries. If the warning sheet is a print glossly pink, then it is a reproduction piece.

Hope that helps. As for which games to collect, every collector normally starts with the games they have played in their childhood or the ones they desired but did not have money to buy. We also collect differently based on various preferences. Here's my collection:


Sent you a PM by the way.
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