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Box scan (will pay for them) 22 Mär 2013 17:47 #5428

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I'm a collector from Italy. I own some G&W boxed (manhole, cement factory, dk2, mario bros, snoopy tennis) but the boxes are quite ruined.. so I scanned them, fixed with photoshop and reprinted to put in my showcase.. I've many other games without the box so I couldn't make it.

I know many of you on this forum have games with boxes. Since I cannot affort to buy the complete games, but I'd like to make my showcase more complete, and since nobody seems to help for free, I can send a payment trough paypal for the scanned boxes; actually I miss boxes of:

Donkey Kong Jr widescreen
Fire Widescreen
Popeye widescreen
Mickey Mouse widescreen
Tropical Fish widescreen
Fire Attack widescreen

Donkey Kong multiscreen
Lifeboat multiscreen

More will be added as soon as I buy them. :)

I can pay 2 or 3 euros for scan (2 if is damaged and requires come photoretouch, 3 if is good). I know it's not too much, but this want to be a sign to say thank you for your time :) For specs about scans, PM me.

Thank you,
Alessandro [-o<
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