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Faded characters 08 Mai 2019 04:10 #9201

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A couple weeks ago I ordered Game and Watch Manhole from eBay and got it in good condition. The first week it was working pretty well, the characters were clearly appearing and the sound was alright, but after that week the characters were fading away but not the background. The only way I’m able to see the characters is if I tilt the Game and Watch up, and even then they aren’t that bright.I ordered a new LCD screen and changed it but that didn’t make the characters appear. Is there another way I can get the characters to clearly appear again?

Also if anyone knows if there is a way to repair the sound too that would be great, thanks!

The images below are the Game and Watch from the front and tilted.

Faded characters 08 Mai 2019 06:55 #9202

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Did you replace the Polarizer film as well? Faded characters are a common problem. In most cases a new Polarizer film makes them show up again:



Search the forum for "polarizer" to get more results.
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