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THEMA: DK-52 D-PAD not working (With photos!!)

DK-52 D-PAD not working (With photos!!) 22 Sep 2016 21:09 #7383

  • txin
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Hi everyone,

I just got this DK-52 that seems to be working in every aspect, except for the D-PAD.

All the buttons are responsive, but when the right button in the D-PAD is pressed, Mario in the screen will not move at all. I don't know if the other directions are working, since Mario is not moving from the starting point, so it cannot move back.

Things that I have tried:

- Completely cleaning the rubber buttons and the contacts in the PCB board.

- Replacing the 16uF capacitor near the D-PAD area.

I also noticed that the circuit tracks in the microcontroller labeled as DK-52 are a little bit rusted and also show some corrosion, but they don't seem to actually damaged.

Does anybody know any solution for this?
Thank you!!

DK-52 D-PAD not working (With photos!!) 28 Sep 2016 12:32 #7385

  • cafdagnone
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I don't know much about electronics, but is there any way to test the contacts directly in the PCB using, say, a multimeter? Alternatively, are the gray rubber OK (i.e., does it make complete contact with the PCB when D-Pad is depressed)?

DK-52 D-PAD not working (With photos!!) 02 Okt 2016 01:56 #7386

  • Ash888
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Yes, I agree with cafdagnone. You may want to invest in a cheap multimeter and test the connection that way. If you find a break, it is possible to repair the break with silver conductive glue you can buy cheap here: www.ebay.com/itm/0-2ML-Silver-Conductive...cation-/281534640243
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