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Donkey Kong Circus Problem 07 Apr 2014 16:09 #6098

  • aussie1982
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Hey guys I am new to this forum and was wondering if you guys could help me out.

I purchased a Donkey Kong circus Panorama not to long ago and all works well except you can't see donkey kongs body. You can kind of see him fade in and out when you move left and right but don't see him at all when you move far left and far right just his arms and legs. Also when you first put the batteries in and all the pictures come up the only ones that don't are donkey kongs body. If anyone has any idea how to fix this problem that would be great. Thanks guys

Donkey Kong Circus Problem 22 Jul 2014 21:11 #6270

  • jander
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I have the same problem but it only appears after a long time of inactivity. Once I put new batteries on the handheld, after an hour or so, all parts are showed without errors.
HTH. Cheers.
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