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LCD screens - what other brands of handheld can be a donor? 24 Okt 2013 06:02 #5738

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Hi there,

A couple of weeks ago I got the opportunity to buy a nice set of Game & watch parts like glasses, buttons, filters and also a couple of the very important LCD back screens.

With those I was able to 'repair' some of my widescreens and was very happy with the results.
LCD screens aren't reproduced like the filters wright? Or am I missing something?

When I buy big lots of Game&watch sometimes there are from time to time other branded handhelds included.
In the beginning I tried to sell them because they weren't worth keeping them. But nobody wants them.... :( so I decided to open them up and recover some parts like the LCD back screen to use it in a valuable Game&watch.

What I want to know from you guys is which brands of handhelds uses the same type of LCD back screens and can be used for repairing a Game & watch?
If you have the knowledge of other brands please let us know so we can make a complete list of LCD compatibility.

Keep the old and sick Game & Watch alive [-o< !!

Interesting site of all brands

List of brands with compatible LCD back screens (to be completed):

Commodoor 'Game&Time'
Toyo handhelds
Ludotronic single screen

Some pictures of the handhelds I already opened.

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