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JR-55, MC-25 and ML-102 for trading on manuals/sheets 30 Apr 2016 20:42 #7296

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Hello, everybody!

I have the following items with which I'd like to make a trade on G&W japanese manuals, papers and red dot stickers:

1 - Donkey Kong Jr (JR-55): the box is covered with transparent Con-Tact film and has my name stamped on the flaps. The manual and papers are in mint condition. There's neither "Caution" sheet nor red dot stickers. The game itself has some features on left corner (please see pictures), but, apart from that, it's fully functional and beautiful;

2 - Mickey Mouse (MC-25): the game itself has some features on its frontal corners (please see pictures) and there's nothing but its japanese manual (no other papers or red dot stickers);

3 - Mario's Cement Factory (ML-102): the game is beautiful and fully functional. There's an english manual covered with transparent Con-Tact film and my name stamped on the final page. The "Caution" paper is a repro, as well as the red dot stickers.

I wish to trade these games on the following items (all japanese ones): "Turtle Bridge" manual, "Fire Attack" manual, "Fire" (FR-27 Widescreen) manual, "Chef" manual, "Crab Grab" manual, all Micro vs. System manuals, 5 red dot stickers and other items I can specify with more detail later. If there's any difference, I can pay via PayPal.

Many thanks for you kind attention! :)

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