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The great Nintendo Handheld Games from the 80's ...! now is online for some years. Time to look back... But first a big thank you to all members and visitors who did visit and support G&!

August 2005
The idea of a G&W website is born, to share the all the collected auctions data (price charts etc.) with the public. The domain gets registered.
February 2006
The first demo version of G& goes online.
First version of the website Game&Watch
April 2006 officially goes online with the "Life Boat -Design".
September 2007
G& takes over the website The data of are migrated into On one side it was too much work to keep both websites at an actual state, on the other side, was based on a CMS, which was a high risk because of all its security problems. Many hosting providers did not allow the use of this CMS.
Relaunch of
March 2008
Relaunch. is undergoing a complete rework and goes online with a new design and many new functions.
July 2008
Besides the existing databases (price charts, auction research, serial numbers, search for buyers and sellers of G&W), a new database is added. It allows to search for fake Game&Watch items and their sellers and buyers.
November 2008
The website is reworked again. The design is simplified and a few new functions are added. Additionally the technique gets improved, which makes the website load faster.
March 2009 moves to a new hosting provider. Since then the website loads even faster.
January 2010
The shop goes online.
Juli 2010
Together with the Swiss Gamers Network and the collector Olivier Lorenzo, organizes a Game&Watch exhibition in La Tour-de-Peilz (near Vevey/Lausanne, Switzerland).
January 2011
Old Forum Software (phpBB3) replaced with a new one.
February 2011
A Fanpage on Facebook is created (
March 2011 opens an account @ twitter:
Screenshot gameandwatch.chDesign until 2012/03
March 2012 gets reworked and gets a new design.
2014-09-gwarchiv02Design until 2014/09
September 2014
The Design of gets reworked. Its now modern and responsive. The website now works fine on mobile devices such as Smartphones, Tablet PCs, iPad etc.