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Series: Table Top
Modelnumber: CM-72
Release date: 28.04.1983
Produced: 250'000
Weight (unit): ca. 700g
Dimensions: Unit: ca. 132x235x182mm (LxWxH), Display: ca. 93x70mm
Content: Manual,  Cartons, plastic bag
Batteries: R14
Description: In this game, the player assumes the role of Mario, working in a cement factory. The player must empty cement from the hoppers into the cement trucks below. A conveyor belt at the top moves cement into hoppers which can only hold three loads at a time. An alarm sounds when one is full.
To get around one uses elevators in the center of the screen. If the player moves to the center when an elevator isn't there Mario falls to the bottom and loses a life. Losing a life can also occur if one stays on the elevator too long, in which case Mario will either fall or get smashed.