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  • Promo Game&Watch Donkey Kong Jr. TV Shizuoka

    Donkey Kong Jr. TV Shizuoka

    Donkey Kong Jr. TV Shizuoka

    Game: Donky Kong Jr. CJ-71, Table Top Series
    Logo: TV Shizuoka
    Company: TV Shizuoka
    Country: Japan
    number of games known: 1
    Terebi Shizuoka is a television network headquartered in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan. The station, which began broadcasting on December 24, 1968, is an affiliate of Fuji News Network. Source: Wiki
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  • Promo Game&Watch Mario Bros. Pokka

    Promo Game&Watch Pokka

    Mario Bros. Pokka

    Game: Mario Bros. MW-56, Multi Screen Series
    Logo: Pokka
    Company: Pokka
    Country: Japan
    Number of Games known: 75-100
    The Japanese company Pokka is active in the areas of beverages, food and hospitality industry. 500 of these promotional games were produced. Such an advertising game could get only those who had collected enough vouchers and then cashed in a particular business. This promo game was packed in a paper that has the Pokka logo imprinted. (Picture).
    Pokka Logo
  • Promo Game&Watch Mario’s Cement Factory Mitsubishi

    Promo Game&Watch Mitsubushi

    Mario's Cement Factory Mitsubishi

    Game: Mario's Cement Factory ML-102, New Wide Screen Series
    Logo: Mitubishi
    Company: Mitsubishi
    Country: Japan
    Number of Games known: 2
    Mitsubishi is a Japanese group of different companies. They are active in industries such as automotive, electrical engineering and chemical.
    Mitsubishi Logo
  • Promo Game&Watch Vermin Mizuno

    Promo Game&Watch Mizuno

    Vermin Mizuno

    Game: Vermin MT-03, Silver Series
    Logo: Mizuno
    Company: Mizuno
    Country: Japan
    Number of Games known: 1
    Mizuno is a Japanese company established in 1906 and it has specialized mainly on sports and outdoor clothing. The product line Blue Impulse was advertised with this game. Under this label Mizuno carried clothing and accessories for skiing. The interesting fact about the game is, that the case is blue and has the model number RC-04. Thus it is the case from Game Fire from the Silver series. But the metal front panel, the gameplay itself and the electronics are a Vermin MT-03. Probably the blue case was used in accordance to the term Blue from Blue Impulse.
    Mizuno Logo