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  • Promo Game&Watch Life Boat Matey

    Promo Game&Watch Matey

    Life Boat Matey

    Game: Life Boat TC-58, Multi Screen Series
    Logo: Matey
    Company: Matey
    Country: England
    Number of Games known: 3
    Matey is a fictitious word and stands for "ami / matelot", a company which manufactured soaps and shampoos for children in English speaking countries by that time. Picture of the box

    03/07/2020 Update:

    The true story being that these games were given out as xmas gifts to associates and workers of the photographic company who specialised in retouching photos for advertising agencies called Lifeboat/matey who were based in the Saatchi & Saatchi building in Whitmore street, London.

    A owner of this game said, he was given it at xmas in 1993, at the time he was working for a big advertising agency on a project involving an 90s band called 'Cockteau twins', Lifeboat/matey were in the process of retouching photos for one of their album covers which the company he worked for was doing the advertising for, he actually said that he'd put it in a drawer and forgot about until now as he's moving house.

    Lifeboat/matey as well as being in Saatchi & Saatchi's main building also worked with them on a lot of projects, they then merged with admagic and at some point bought out by another advertising company called TAG.

    Thanks a lot to Tony Liversidge for providing this information.