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Model numbers FAQ

-Fantasized by sAner-

Have you ever wondered what the model numbers of the Game & Watches mean?

Did you ever think of the fact those model numbers are acronyms and the two letters actually stand for something? Of course you have!
Some are very easy to guess (it doesn't take a college degree to understand that the letters DK in DK-52 stand for Donkey Kong) but sometimes it is very difficult to think of anything (what in God's name do the letter Y & M mean in the model numbers of the various Mario games?).
We tried to give all the model numbers a meaning. Read what we fantasized and let us know your alternatives. Just make a comment or two.

Here we go:

Silver Series:
AC01 - ACtion or ACrobat

FL02 - FLagman

MT03 - MoleTrap or Mogura Tataki

RC04 - ResCue

IP05 - InterPret

Gold Series:
MH06 - ManHole

CN07 - CarpeNter

LN08 - LioN

Wide Screen Series:
PR21 - PaRachute

OC22 - OCtopus

PP23 - PoPeye

FP24 - Frying Pan

MC25 - Mickey Mouse

EG26 - EGg

FR27 - FiRe

TL28 - TurtLe

ID29 - InDians

SP30 - SnooPy

Multi Screen Series:
OP51 - Oil Panic

DK52 - Donkey Kong

MD53 - Mickey & Donald

GH54 - GreenHouse

JR55 - donkey kong JR

MW56 - Mario's World

LP57 - Laundry Panic

TC58 - TitaniC

PB59 - PinBall

BJ60 - BlackJack

MG61 - Maze Game

BD62 - Bombs Department or Bomb sweeper & Dynamite jack

JB63 - Juvenile Buster or Jail Breaker or Jail Buster

MV64 - Montezuma's Vengeance

ZL65 - ZelDa

Table Top Series:
CJ71 - Cong jr. or Color jr.

CM72 - Concrete Mixer

SM73 - Snoopy Music or Snoopy Melody

PG74 - Popeye's Game

Panorama Series:
SM91 - Snoopy Music or Snoopy Melody

PG92 - Popeye's Game

CJ93 - Cong jr. or Color jr.

TB94 - Throw Bomb

DC95 - Donkey kong Circus

MK96 - MicKey mouse

Note: DC-95 is the model number of Mickey Mouse and MK-96 the one from Donkey Kong Circus. Maybe Nintendo exchanged the model numbers.

New Wide Screen Series:
DJ101 - Donkey kong Jr.

ML102 - Mario & Luigi

NH103 - maNHole

TF104 - Tropical Fish

YM105 - YumpMan (originally Mario was called Jumpman)

DR106 - DRagalo

BF107 - BalloonFight

MB108 - Mario vs Ball

Super Color Series:
BU201 - Blow Upwards

UD202 - Up & Down

Micro vs. System Series:
BX301 - BoXing

AK302 - Attack & Kill (okay, we agree ... this one IS farfetched!)
AK302 - Ass Kong (Ass = Donkey! Input given by member Collectorscorner)

HK303 - HocKey

Crystal Screen Series:
YM801 - YumpMan

DR802 - DraGalo

BF803 - BalloonFight

Special Game:
YM901s - Yellow Mario

- sAner