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Presenting the Game&Watch Games

Many collectors like to exhibit their games at home. Many of the Game&Watch games can placed nicely with their fold-out stand on the back side. That's the games from the series Gold, Wide Screen and New Wide Screen. The Game&Watch games of the two series Table Top and Panorama can placed very good as well.

It is more difficult to place the games from the Multi Screen series. Very often the upper case does not hold very strong anymore. Thus, such games can't be placed open in an 90 degree angle, because the upper part snaps shut forward or falls backwards, so that the game is open and almost flat lying there.

The games of the Super Color series can't be placed upright, nor the ones of the Micro vs. System Series and the ones from the Silver series.

But there is a solution: Stands made of acrylic glass or metal!
I've tried a few different models. You can see the result on the following pictures. Of course it's possible to place any Game&Watch game with these stands, even those games who have a fold-out stand.

Especially useful are the adjustable stands. Their upright part can be used variably - from near the front to the very back (photo). This allows to set the angle for the games very well. Another stand has a central holding part that can be fixed in different positions (photo).

Places to get such stands:[...]