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The great Nintendo Handheld Games from the 80's ...!

There's a very interesting story regarding a supposedly Brazilian set of Nintendo Game & Watch items...


Marcus Vinicius Garrett Chiado, a brazilian journalist and historical researcher of the genesis of video games in Brazil, told, in his most recent published work ("1983 + 1984 - Quando os videogames chegaram", yet with no translation to English or any other language than Portuguese), that a Brazilian businessman had interest to officialy sell our beloved gadgets here.


However, the negotiations didn't go forward because his original plan was to use his Brazil's plant to make the final assembly of G&W with parts coming from Japan, which didn't please Nintendo at a first glance. In addition, Nintendo required certain assurances that left the entrepreneur upset to the point of giving up the idea, mainly because his company was very well rated internationally and this lack of confidence hurt him. So, if this had worked, besides the classical international G&W distributions (tricOtronic, J.i21, CGL, Giochi Preziosi, OTOYS, NOA, Pocketsize, Videopoche and others less known - like the Argentinean blue-cased games), we'd have a new Brazilian line, with paperwork and manuals in Portuguese! and, maybe, with boxes containing its own artwork.


Surely it would have been a nice alternative to lower costs for Brazilian customers, who had to face high prices, lack of many items and rare places to find them, back in 80's!


For the interested ones, the original article is on page 21 of the above mentioned book, whose official Facebook page can be reached here (only visible for logged in users at Facebook).