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THEMA: davidhorizon

davidhorizon 04 Mär 2010 22:27 #3847

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Well I guess it's my time to introduce myself. (In english)

I'm an old man at 37 and I live in Denmark. I had a few GW's back in the 80's. Greenhouse is the only one that survived time and is still in my collection.

My passion was rekindled a few years ago when a friend of mine brought Zelda on a vacation. I had never seen the game before, but it was fun to play and I got really nostalgic about the old games. When I came back from the vacation, I searched the internet to find out that there were many games I had never seen before. I had kinda figured that LCD games went out of fashion in the mid 80's.

I don't care about boxes or any accessories. It's all about the games for me. Off course I prefer the games to be in perfect working condition with original batterycover. I have 34 games so far. I don't actually intent to collect them all. I'm not interested in tabletops or rare games that are ridiculously expensive like the YM-901-S Super Mario Bros. (Especially since I already have 2 versions of the same game). But who knows...things might change.

My favorite game is Climber.
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